Bioclear Veneers: Are They Right For You?

by | Feb 26, 2019 | Dental Advice

Most of us aren’t born with perfect teeth. But even if you are one of the lucky few, chances are that over time, your pearly whites will experienced some wear, tear, and discoloration.

The good news is, you don’t have to just grin and bear it. Thanks to the ever-advancing field of cosmetic dentistry, white, symmetrical teeth, and a forever youthful smile is yours for the taking.

One of the most popular methods for achieving a perfect smile is Bioclear Matrix veneers. This high-tech treatment is affordable, minimally invasive (and even reversible), and produces natural-looking results.

Back up…what exactly are veneers?

Veneers are thin shells placed on the front (visible part) of your teeth. Veneers give your teeth a brighter and classically-shaped appearance, covering up stains, chips, and gaps in the process.

A skilled dentist focuses your veneers treatment on customization. Each of your teeth has its own unique features and characteristics, so no two veneers should ever be exactly the same. If a dentist were to take a one-size-fits-all approach to veneers, the result would be fake-looking, chiclet-style teeth — that’s not what we’re going for!

Instead, when done correctly, nobody will be able to tell you have veneers — the world will only know that your smile looks fantastic.

Traditional porcelain veneers vs. Bioclear Matrix veneers

The most impactful difference between Bioclear veneers and traditional porcelain veneers is this: Porcelain veneers cannot be undone — they are permanent — while the Bioclear process is non-invasive and reversible.

In order for traditional porcelain veneers to be securely bonded to your teeth, a layer of healthy tooth enamel must be removed. So once you get your veneers, there is no way to reverse the procedure without replacing the tooth entirely.

Although most veneers patients love the results so much they would never want to go back to their previous smile, the finality of a veneer treatment is something to consider.

Another thing to think about with traditional veneers is the length of the procedure. The traditional method requires temporary veneers to be placed while your final restorations are created in a lab. This type of veneers treatment takes at least 2 visits over the span of about 2 weeks.

Bioclear veneers are different — these are considered a “no-prep” treatment in which no tooth enamel needs to be removed. This process is completely reversible and can be completed in a single visit.

Bioclear veneers have great stain resistance, are very durable, and have an average lifespan of about 10 years or even longer, depending on how well you care for your teeth. And because this type of veneer is easier to remove, they’re also easier to replace, should they become chipped or damaged in the future.

Additionally, Bioclear veneers are typically much more affordable compared to traditional porcelain veneers!

The benefits of Bioclear veneers

Let’s recap the biggest benefits of bioclear veneers as compared to porcelain veneers.

  • Lower cost
  • Completed in just one visit
  • Minimally invasive and preserves natural tooth material
  • Reversible
  • Gentle on gums
  • Best option for filling in black triangles at the gum line
  • Durable to last 10 years or longer

How do Bioclear veneers work?

So how exactly does the Bioclear Matrix system work?

The first thing to understand is that Bioclear veneers are not so much a product as they are a process.

With this process, a clear plastic matrix is wrapped around either side of the tooth to create the desired shape. Then, two types of dental composites are filled in around and between the teeth, delivering the perfect smile.

It’s a relatively simple procedure, and because it takes a conservative approach (no grinding away of tooth structure), it’s also very comfortable. But as with any dental procedure, you’ll have the best overall experience (and achieve the best results) if you choose an experienced, well-reviewed, and trusted local dentist.

Are Bioclear veneers right for me?

Whether you’re more interested in traditional porcelain or Bioclear Matrix veneers, it’s important to know that they’re not for everyone.

If your dental health is facing serious challenges — such as advanced tooth decay, bone loss, or gum disease — your dentist may recommend a different restorative option, such as a crown or even a dental implant.

But if you’re overall dental health is in good shape, then Bioclear veneers may be a great option! Bioclear is often recommended for those with…

  • Black triangles between our teeth near the gums (Bioclear is the best way to close these spaces!)
  • Stained or discolored teeth
  • Teeth that have always been undersize, compared to the rest of your mouth
  • Uneven edges on your teeth
  • Gaps between teeth
  • Slight wear and tear of the teeth, including chips or cracks

The only way to know for sure if you are a good candidate for Bioclear veneers is to schedule a consultation with a cosmetic dentist. During your consultation, you and your dentist will evaluate whether or not you’re a candidate by discussing factors like…

  • Your lifestyle and dental hygiene habits
  • The state of your dental health
  • What you do and don’t like about your smile
  • The results you want to achieve

Interested in improving your smile with veneers? How to get started

You deserve to love every inch of your smile. If you don’t, then it’s time to research your options. The best place to start is by scheduling an appointment with a high-tech cosmetic dentist.

But for some, even this simple act sounds daunting — especially if you have a fear of the dentist. First of all, how do you choose the right dentist? And how much will the initial appointment cost? What should you expect?

Here are some easy tips to make sure you choose a dentist who can meet your needs and is experienced to deliver the perfect smile of your dreams.

  • Look for a dentist who offers both Bioclear and other veneer options to fit your needs
  • The dentist should be established in your community and have great reviews
  • Look for signs that the dentist offers state-of-the-art treatments (things like 3D imaging and high-tech dental implants)
  • Consider the dental office environment and dental approach — look at the dentists’ website to learn about the new patient experience
  • Call to talk with the financial administrator or schedule coordinator to learn about the cost of a veneers consultation — also ask about what financing options are available
  • During your appointment, you should never feel pressured to get a treatment. Ask lots of questions and make sure you understand all your options and feel confident in the recommendation
  • If you feel hesitant about the recommendation, reach out to another dentist and ask for a second opinion!

Remember, the best dentist will be friendly, focused on your health, and should never make you feel ashamed of or judged for your current dental health.

How can we help?

At our Rogue Valley dentist office, we are proud to offers custom-made Bioclear veneers, porcelain veneers, and direct composite veneers to fit your needs and transform your smile.

With over 20 years of experience serving patients in the Medford area, Dr. Catt wants to help you make the best decision for your health. Even if you already have a recommendation from a different dentist on how to improve your smile, don’t be afraid to make sure it’s the right move for you. Dr. Catt offers free second opinions and would love to meet you.

Dr. James Catt

Dr. James Catt

Dr. Catt graduated from Oregon Health Science University (OHSU) in 1997 and through his personalized and high-tech approach, has since become one of the most trusted dentists in the Rogue Valley. Dr. Catt is a member and past president of the Oregon Dental Association and is involved in the American Dental Association and Southern Oregon Dental Society. He’s also received recognition from the American College of Dentists and the International College of Dentists for his exceptional professional achievements, exemplary service, and dedication to the continued progress of dentistry.