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Better Than Dentures! Dental Bridges Are Permanent

What Is a Dental Bridge?

A dental bridge is a modern-day solution for one or multiple missing teeth and is often viewed as a better alternative to a removable partial denture. A dental bridge is fixed in place (non-removable) and very durable. Custom-made bridges are also highly esthetic and look as beautiful and natural as your original missing tooth or teeth. Unlike dentures, dental bridges are very secure and allow you to eat the foods you love. They also promote healthy gums and prevent bone loss — something quite common in patients who wear dentures.

Here’s how it works: Using teeth on either side of your missing tooth, a bridge holds a replacement tooth in place. This process effectively “bridges” the gap in your mouth, restoring the beauty, health, and function of your smile. 

Dr. Catt offers custom-made dental bridges right here in our Rogue Valley dentist office. This treatment can often be completed without surgery and finished in as few as 2-3 weeks. Contact us today to find out if a dental bridge is the right choice for you.

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The Benefits of Dental Bridges

In addition to restoring your natural-looking smile, dental bridges are also good for your health. 

  • Preserves healthy jaw bone tissue, preventing bone loss
  • Provides a stable bite
  • Allows you to speak naturally
  • Ability to eat the foods you love

What To Expect From a Dental Bridge Treatment

Step 1: Preparation

Your neighboring teeth are prepared to act as the anchor for your dental bridge. At times, this includes a dental implant placement.

Step 2: Restoration Creation

A temporary bridge is placed while your final restoration is carefully crafted to perfectly fit your mouth and smile.

Step 3: Placement

Once your custom-made restoration is ready, the finished bridge is bonded into place. Your smile will be back to new!

What Our Patients Are Saying

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About Dr. Catt

Dr. Catt is known for his ability to help those who are missing one or more teeth. Since 1997, he’s earned a reputation with his patients for providing a positive experience and amazing results.

If you’re wondering whether dental bridges are right for you, schedule a consultation today. Dr. Catt is also happy to provide you with a second opinion to help you make the best tooth replacement decision for your health and smile.

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“Dr. Catt and his staff are wonderful! They are professional and kind and they go above and beyond in making their patients comfortable. You can tell they really care about their patients. I highly recommend!”

– Cathy B.

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