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Over 90% of people will get a cavity at some point in their life. To avoid further decay and other serious dental issues, cavities must be treated while they’re still small.

Dr. Catt, an experienced general dentist uses high-tech diagnostic tools to identify signs of cavities and repair them as non-invasively as possible. Our office offers composite (natural tooth colored) fillings and uses advanced methods to remove as little of the healthy tooth structure as possible. Our fillings are designed to restore the tooth’s natural contours and actually strengthen the damaged tooth.

Suffer from dental anxiety? We’ll help you relax during your filling and offer numbing and sedation to ensure your dental filling is a comfortable experience.


A crown is one of the best ways to protect and restore the strength, shape, and natural appearance of a tooth that has suffered from extensive decay or other damage.

Our high-tech Medford general dentist office provides durable and custom-made dental crowns. We offer gold or natural tooth-colored porcelain crowns to fit your needs, budget, and smile goals.

Dr. Catt will use the latest digital technology to determine the extent of your tooth’s damage, take accurate 3D imaging and dental impressions, craft a permanent custom-made crown, and expertly secure the crown in place.

Our high-tech dental crown process means no gooey or messy impressions and no gagging. We partner with the best laboratories in Medford and use the highest quality materials to provide a pleasant experience with amazing results.

What Our Patients Are Saying

“I would only go to the dentist if I had a toothache. Dr. Catt took such good care of me that I have no problems going to the dentist… even on vacation.”




Partial and implant-supported dentures offer a removable and permanent solution for missing teeth.

Dr. Catt uses the latest equipment and materials and the best laboratories to create custom-made dentures that look just like your natural teeth and allow you to maintain a strong bite.


When a tooth has irreversible damage, impaction, overcrowding, or infection, it may need to be removed.

Our general dentist offers limited tooth extractions to provide relief and restore dental health. Our relaxation methods will ensure you feel at-ease and comfortable.

Root Canal Therapy

Root canals can save your teeth from decay and eliminate painful infections.

Dr. Catt provides limited root canals to help repair badly damaged or infected teeth, allowing your mouth to be completely pain-free and healthy again.

More General Dentistry Services


Full Mouth Rehabilitation


We also have a strong referral network.

When you need dental work beyond the scope of what our general dentist offers in the office, we’ll only refer you to the most capable, highest-regarded specialists in the Rogue Valley.

About Dr. Catt

“I take pride in the responsibility and privilege of helping my patients achieve beautiful, healthy smiles.”

Since 1997, Dr. Catt has been serving as a general dentist for patients throughout the Rogue Valley – from White City, Eagle Point, Jacksonville, Gold Hill, and even Northern California. By taking a comfort-first approach and using modern, advanced treatments, Dr. Catt is able to deliver the best dental experience in Medford.

Above all else, Dr. Catt and his entire staff are committed to helping patients of all ages improve their dental health and achieve beautiful, healthy smiles.

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Our Team is Committed To…


Your Comfort

Our entire staff is dedicated to delivering a pleasant and high-comfort experience unlike any other dentist in Southern Oregon!


Building Relationships

As a Medford area dentist for over 20 years, we’re committed to forming relationships with our patients built on trust.


Amazing Results

We offer high-tech and proven dental technologies to ensure every tooth in your mouth is healthy and beautiful.

“The staff at Dr. Catt’s office make all the difference! They are courteous and professional – striving to make their patients feel cared for and valued.”

– Aaron B.

Insurance Information

Believe it or not, we LOVE working with insurance companies. We will fight to make sure you get the coverage you deserve.

Our staff is happy to help you understand your plan, the cost of a treatment, and the benefits available to you.

No dental insurance? No problem.

Our team is committed to helping you navigate any obstacles that may be keeping you from achieving excellent dental health. We offer layaway, CareCredit, and financing options to all our patients.


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