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The Solution for Cracked, Chipped, and Stained Teeth

Veneers are an incredibly versatile cosmetic treatment, perfect for those who wish to correct cosmetic dental flaws. Think of veneers as an ultra-thin natural-colored shell that covers your teeth. Depending on whether you choose traditional or no-prep veneers, this treatment can either be permanent or reversible and will help correct imperfections such as…

  • Stained teeth
  • Worn or chipped teeth
  • Teeth that are undersize compared to the rest of your mouth
  • Misaligned teeth with small gaps and “black triangles’ near the gums

Veneers aren’t the ideal choice for everyone. If you’re suffering from advanced tooth decay or other dental health issues, our cosmetic dentist may recommend another option like dental implants or natural tooth-colored crowns.

Bioclear Matrix: The Best in No-Prep Veneers

At our Medford dentist office, we’re proud to offer the latest in high-tech, no-prep veneers. Dr. Catt uses the Bioclear Matrix system, a minimally-invasive and reversible veneers procedure with incredible results.

This innovative injection molding procedure method involves wrapping a clear plastic matrix on either side of a tooth to achieve the desired shape. Two types of dental composite are then used to fill in spaces around and between the teeth, resulting in a gorgeous, full smile.

The Bioclear Matrix system offers a much more cost-effective solution compared to traditional porcelain veneers. It also does not require removing any of your natural tooth enamel.

Schedule a consultation with Dr. Catt to find out if our high-tech no-prep veneers are right for you.

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The Bioclear Veneers Advantage…



Minimally-Invasive (No Tooth Structure is Removed)



Highly Durable, Adding Strength to Your Teeth



Easily Repairable & Completely Reversible



Amazing Results! Natural-Looking & Beautiful

What our Patients are Saying

“I would only go to the dentist if I had a toothache. I used to have a great fear of dentist. Dr. Catt took such good care of me that I have no problems going to the dentist… even on vacation.”


About Dr. Catt

Dr. Catt is passionate about developing lasting relationships with patients and helping people of all ages improve their health and achieve the smile of their dreams.

Known for taking a relaxing and friendly approach, Dr. Catt utilizes the latest equipment and dental techniques to provide the highest quality veneers in Medford.

We believe that everyone deserves great dental care and a smile they love. Contact our office today and find out if veneers are the right choice for you.

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“Dr. Catt and his staff is amazing! He does my whole family and we tell our friends to go see him every chance we get. Great visit every time we go there. Highly recommend to all!

– Evan N.

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