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Stop Tooth Grinding & Protect Your Health
Are you experiencing jaw pain, tooth pain, broken or chipped teeth, or worn tooth enamel? All these are tell-tale signs that you’re grinding your teeth at night. Don’t let it go unnoticed!

Dr. Catt offers individualized solutions to those suffering from tooth grinding, including custom dental night guards. Your mouth guard is comfortably worn while you sleep and prevents you from clenching and grinding during the night.

Depending on your situation, we may also recommend dental Botox therapy to help train your jaw to relax naturally. Request an appointment today and talk to us about combatting nighttime jaw clenching and teeth grinding today.

Feeling Stressed? It Affects Your Dental Health!

There are a few risk factors associated with increased rates of tooth grinding, including anxiety, highly stressful life circumstances, and heavy alcohol use. These are all things that have increased in recent years for many in the Rogue Valley community.

Stress doesn’t just affect your dental health while you sleep — it can also cause daytime grinding and clenching, too. Take steps to relax your jaw and relieve stress to protect your dental health and well being.

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How It Works

Wondering what to expect from your custom dental night guard from our office?

  1.  Dr. Catt will examine your teeth for signs of grinding, like worn enamel, tooth shifting, and gum recession.
  2. We’ll take a digital impression of your teeth and send the scans to a lab to craft your custom sleep mouth guard.
  3. Visit us to pick up your dental night guard — we’ll ensure a perfect, comfortable fit.
  4. After a night or two of wearing the mouth guard, you’ll forget it’s even there!


Enjoy Your Experience


Life is stressful. We’re here to help you combat the effects, comfortably.


We get to know you and develop a relationship built on mutual trust.


You’ll receive high-quality care and custom, comprehensive care.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I buy a mouth guard online?

Many online and drug stores sell a variety of pre-made or “semi-custom” dental mouth guards. You should stray away from these off-the-shelf, DIY dental guards as they can be very dangerous. In fact, these types of dental guards often make the situation worse, not better! Why?

  • Don’t fit correctly
  • Not as durable or long-lasting
  • Often cause difficulty speaking or even breathing
  • Often fail to cover all your teeth
  • Mouth guards made of soft moldable plastic encourage jaw clenching

Is wearing a mouth guard bad for your teeth?

If you properly use a custom-fit night guard, then it will actually protect your gums, not damage them! Avoid using a dirty, damaged, or improperly fitted mouth guard.

Does dental insurance cover night guards?

While most dental insurance plans pay for preventive care (like routine cleanings and exams), not all cover dental guards. Check with your plan to see if some or all of the cost may be covered or contact our office for assistance.

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