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How to Fix Stained Teeth

If you don’t have confidence in the look of your teeth, it can be hard to have confidence in yourself. A common source of self-consciousness for many patients is the color of their teeth. Be it due to genetics or lifestyle, stained teeth are common. Fortunately, with teeth whitening treatments, a brighter smile you love is just an appointment away.

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Suffering from stained teeth? You’re not alone.

In a recent survey, 80% of respondents said they were self-conscious about their teeth.

Bad Habits That Are Preventing You From Having Bright White Smile

Coffee, tea, tobacco, or red wine are common culprits that discolor teeth over time. But these aren’t actually what cause staining. The real problem is that it’s impossible to thoroughly rinse off a chemical called lipofuscin from your teeth after eating or drinking one of these foods, which over time leads to dark stains on your teeth.

Laser teeth whitening: the best way to restore your smile and confidence

While lifestyle changes can make an impact on stained teeth, the best way to make an immediate impact on the color of your teeth is with laser teeth whitening treatment. This treatment uses low-level lasers that gently break up surface stains on your enamel.

During treatment, Dr. Catt will simply place a protective shield over your gums and slowly glide it across each tooth until you reach one end of your mouth. When used as directed, these devices are clinically proven to work as well as dental treatments for removing dark stains on teeth, even the stubborn stains caused by coffee or tobacco.

How do you prevent stained teeth

The best way to stave off stained teeth is through keeping up with preventive treatments such as exams and cleanings with Dr. Catt. While at your appointment, never hesitate to ask for advice about keeping your teeth their whitest!

One way in which most people don’t realize they can take better care of their teeth is through everyday habits like drinking through a straw, avoiding tobacco products, and flossing at night before bed.

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